About us

How ImportRus started

ImportRus was founded in 2003 by two Hungarian brothers, Norbert and Roland Markus. The company started modestly by importing one of Hungary’s top branded canned foie gras products to Canada.

In 2003, foie gras products in Canada were expensive and targeted to a specific caliber of clientele. ImportRus proudly changed all of that by importing their high quality foie gras products at a price that everyone could afford and enjoy.

After the success of their Hungarian foie gras, ImportRus expanded their product range to offer all cuts of meat from Hungarian ducks and geese. Without compromising their philosophy, ImportRus was able to successfully expand and introduce the highest quality European duck and goose products to the Canadian market.

Our business philosophy

The product was successfully received in Canada due to the exceptional quality, and affordable pricing. This became ImportRus’ company philosophy, to give the consumer a high quality gourmet product at an affordable price.

With the truest integrity in mind, ImportRus sources all of their meat products from sustainable farms in Europe. Offering all of their products to be hormone and antibiotic free, non-GMO, and ethically raised.

In 2010, ImportRus became the largest duck and goose importer in Canada serving clients nationwide. Constantly expanding their meat product lines, ImportRus now offers meat from New Zealand, Wales, France, Prince Edward Island, and Hungary.