Foie Gras

Importrus specializes in Hungarian duck and goose foie Gras. Hungary is the largest producer of goose foie gras in the world, the most noble of foies gras. Goose is present in the best restaurants around the world where star chefs choose goose foie gras and make of it an exceptional dish. In Canada most chefs use duck foie gras in their restaurants.

In order to meet the increasing requirements of our customers we sell a complete range of frozen cuts including Foie Gras A, Foie Gras B, Devained Foie Gras, Foie Gras Slices and non-fattened pekin duck liver. We also transform our highest quality products in association with our partners into Foie Gras torchon, Foie Gras Blocs and Terrins.

Animal welfare: Many people have misconceptions about animal welfare for foie gras production it is important to note that within our Hungarian facilities the animals are traditionally placed in collective park. Hungary is among the pioneers of this method. This major advantage for animal welfare responds to the recent recommendations advocated by the European Council. Directive 98/58/CE of European Council, July 20th 1998, regarding animal protection in breeding.

History and Tradition: The ancient Egyptians learned that many birds could be fattened through forced overfeeding. The goose fattening practice spread from Egypt to the Mediterranean. In the 60’s the supply in the French market enjoyed a new boom and eventually became stronger by increasing the demand and interest for goose Foie Gras.

Available cuts:

  • Goose foie gras
  • Deveined Duck foie Gras
  • Foie Gras Slices IQF
  • Foie Gras A
  • Foie Gras B
  • Duck Foie gras chunks