From two Native Breeds of lamb from farms in Nartymoel, Welsh lamb focuses on producing high quality lamb in a farm and environmentally friendly way. Using traditional and modern family methods of farming, the importance of well fair standards are stressed to make sure the animals are looked after, happy and healthy. PGI (Protected Graphical Indication) Welsh Lamb is guaranteed to meet the highest-quality standards. The lamb is born and raised in Wales, and is Hybu Cig Cumra slaughterhouse approved; insuring that the lamb produced meets really high animal well fair standards. All red meat is complicit with all government regulatory requirements and the best practice guidelines. Welsh lamb graze on open hills giving them access to all the natural grass, heather and wild flowers, supremely enriching the taste.

Welsh Lamb have received the desired and prestigious Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status from the European Commission, due to their high standards of animal husbandry and pasture land management, and family run farms to preserve this unique landscape for generations. These farming practices have made Wales a prime producer of high quality lamb; and quality is at the heart of everything they do! Down to their natural selective breeding methods, to improve leanness of the meat, to only allowing approved, regularly-inspected abattoirs to prepare their meat. Their farming practices have remained largely unchanged for the past centuries for an unadulterated taste.

Available cuts:

  • French rack 8 rib
  • boneless shoulder
  • neck filet
  • lamb legs boneless
  • bone in loin
  • boneless loin
  • lamb chops
  • lamb shank
  • mutton shoulder
  • lamb tenderloin
  • lamb legs long cut