Mangalica Pig

The Mangalica ( mangalitza , Mangalitsa ) is one of the most ancient breeds of pork in Europe . Its origins date back to around 1830. It makes its appearance in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These pigs were most popular between 1850 and 1950, their high content in fat allowed is the reason for their success in that period with different uses: cooking, candle making, soap and cosmetics and even lubricants and explosives.
The Mangalitza pig is a meat that is very popular thanks to its infiltrated fat that is delicious when cooked.
ImportRus has been the official distributor of mangalitza pork from the PORC A PORTE farm located in Quebec. Raised in open air, these pigs have an excellent taste due to a stress free and raised in a natural environment.

Available cuts:

  • Ribs
  • tomahawk
  • filet
  • cubes ragout
  • tongue