Upignac Foie Gras

From Belgium, La Ferme d’Upignac quickly became a leading product in the Belgian market due to their freshness and taste. The quality of the base ingredients is of quintessential importance to Ferme d’Upignac. They use Moulard ducks for their product, which are a cross between Peking and Muscovy ducks. They also use traditional methods to make foie gras at their modern workshop in Upigny, located just a kilometer from their farm. Upignac is a master at the art of preparing foie gras, with subtle aromas and a fantastic texture. The foie gras is vacuum sealed to preserve it’s full aroma and freshness; a standard to guarantee the absolute best quality. Always looking for ways to increase the pleasure of eating their products, Upignac is a master at the art of preparing foie gras with subtle aromas and a fantastic texture. Their savoury flavour and authentic aromas of their Duck and Goose foie gras are a great treat for the taste buds.

A family owned company, Upignac’s foie gras are the product of the combined expert knowledge of different kinds of craftspeople. All production methods must benefit the taste of the product as well as meet the most stringent hygienic requirements. With Belgium having the most strict animal welfare legislation in Europe, Upignac has delevoped a balanced process that allows for the best possible foie gras production, while at the same time upholding high animal welfare standards for over 30 years.